YourPure Modular Quick Change Water Filter / Purifier

The quick release water filter cartridge features a modular design that offers consumers a range of customizable and do-it-yourself options.

By connecting the modules with hollow fiber membrane cartridges and activated carbon cartridges with different effects, you can create the best quick release water filter for your home.

This modular system allows you to tailor the filter to meet your specific needs, ensuring efficient and effective filtration for clean and safe drinking water.

quick change water filter can install activated carbon block water filter and ultrafiltration water filter.
Compatible with EVERPURE single-head connector.

quick change water filter accessories have single head and muti-head to be POU water filter or POE water system.
You can fill the required filter material according to your water quality requirements.
It can be used alone or combined into a two-stage water purifier. Eco-friendly DIY your water filter.

quick change water filter have different module as activated carbon block water filter  and ultrafiltration water filter.
We provide activated carbon blocks and filter media modules with different filter effects:
- Activated carbon fiber carbon block
- High density activated carbon block
- Hollow fiber membrane sterilization module
- High-efficiency granular activated carbon module
- Activated carbon with lead removal effect
- Activated carbon with anti-scaling effect
You can individually or in series to become a filter element suitable for your local water quality, and then install it into your YourPure filter housing.

quick change water filter can applicate on counter or under sink.
It can be easily installed on the counter or under sink, and can also be used as a refrigerator filter.

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