Free drinking water refilling stations are being installed in three towns in Somerset to help reduce single-use plastic waste.

Free drinking water refilling points

"Plastic can only be recycled so many times, and there's a carbon cost to that recycling - it takes energy - so any opportunity to reduce your single-use plastics is a big gain for the environment," she added. [BBC UK]

We understand that every country now attaches great importance to environmental issues.
So start installing public water dispensers in the city and encourage everyone not to drink bottled water.
It is our responsibility to try not to drink bottled water and reduce the burden on the earth.
But is the water in the dispenser reliable? Is it filtered first?

We encourage everyone carry own water bottle and pocket filter that can filter bacteria when leaving home.
When had to drink bottled water, at least repeat use that bottle in the same day to reduce the environmental burden; although the bottle is not a good container, it should not be only one-time.