Model i2-100P

Filter Material
Stage 1:
High density activated carbon block
Reduce lead media
Stage 2:

Filter Effect
Stage 1:
Filter chlorine and odor.
Cyst, Asbestos Reduction
Filter out lead and heavy metals such as
Arsenic, Mercury, Cadmium, Copper, Antimony, Uranium, Zinc, Selenium, Chrome +6
Stage 2:
Scale inhibition

Capacity :
Stage 1: 1.5 year replacement or 25000 liters
Stage 2: 1 year

Complete set details :
Filter pack
YPC filter can be replaced inline housing *2
Double clamp *2
Single clamp *2
Gooseneck faucet *1
2/8" quick connector *3
2/8" pipe *1.5 M
2/8" single-way switch *1

Complete set

Replace filter

Stage 1

Stage 2

Complete Set
US$ 34-
by post parcel
Replace Filter
US$ 20-
by post parcel

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