Model i-100

Filter Material
High density activated carbon block
Reduce lead media

Filter Effect
Filter chlorine and odor.
Cyst, Asbestos Reduction
Filter out lead and heavy metals such as
Arsenic, Mercury, Cadmium, Copper, Antimony, Uranium, Zinc, Selenium, Chrome +6

Capacity :
1.5 year replacement or 25000 liters

Complete set details :
Filter pack
YPC filter can be replaced inline housing *1
Single clamp *2
Gooseneck faucet *1
2/8" quick connector *1
2/8" pipe *1.5 M
2/8" single-way switch *1

Complete set

Replace filter

Complete Set
US$ 30-
by post parcel
Replace Filter
US$ 16-
by post parcel

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