ultrafiltration membrane portable water pocket filter sterilization bacterial

PARTS-009 / Pocket Filter (Portable Water Filter) Cleaning fungicides

Are you worried that Portable Water Filter may grow bacteria?

If the filter doesn't use for a long time without proper treatment after filtering the outdoor water, the bacteria may grow quickly in the filter.

Nano silver liquid can kill the bacteria and maintain your filter effectively. Please backwash your filter with clean water and then soak the filter in the nano silver liquid for one night. Please dry your filter after soaking.


Capacity: 5ml

Concentration: 2000 ppm

Silver 0.2%
Polyvinylpyrrilidone 0.3%
Water 99.5%

Water filter backwash after sterilization clean.This fungicide can be reused.
Travel antibacterial.

Applicable filter material: hollow fiber membrane, ceramic

Operating concentration: 30ppm

Use for: Pocket filter, Sawyer, Lifestraw

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