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Yourpure DIY water filter Online Water Exhibition

The water we drink

No matter where or when
Drinking water is the life element we need most.

Make water filter DIY solution

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Filtration technology

Filter out Particle, Bacteria
Reduction Chlorine, Chloramine, Pesticide, Compound, Lead, Heavy metal
Remove odor / color
in water.
Water Softening
Sweet taste
Custom taste.

Filter Product

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Domestic / Commercial

10"/20" Universal Filter
RO Cartridge Filter
Quick Release Cartridges Filter
Commercial Cartridges Filter
- Commercial coffee machine
- Refrigerator cartridges
- Inline cartridges
- Ice maker

Portable / Personal

Pocket Filter (Portable water)
Filter Bottle
Bucket Filter

ODM Custom

Custom design for localized spec.
Custom function.
Custom taste.
Small wholesale, reduce inventory.

Our company, E-NETWAY, is committed to safe drinking water solution.
We can design and produce domestic and personal filters according to coustomers different requirements.

Our materials all meet NSF certification standards. We combine Taiwan quality partners to supply you with the good products.

We provide the
 - Home Filtration Systems
 - Commercial water filters
 - Portable water filters
 - Customer filters
 - Micro-Waterworks

We are your best water filter manufacturing partner for build your own brand.
Co-work with you on the most suitable water filter system for your area and support your design and manufacturing logistics.

LifeTech ™
modular design can provide different options by environment.
We are the a manufacture, provide ultrafiltration membrane, activated carbon fiber cartridge filter. also is your wholesale water filter partner.

We are your best virtual factory.

Tel: 886-7-3987938   Fax: 886-7-3986938
e-mail: lifewater@e-netway.com
Address: 17F,No.521-2,Mintzu 1st Road 80792 Kaohsiung ,Taiwan,R.O.C

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